МК Делаем трафаретный рисунок на футболке для поклонников Depeche Mode

МК: Делаем трафаретный рисунок на футболке: для поклонников Depeche Mode

Clarke wrote virtually all their music while he was a member — all but two songs on Speak & Spell (the band’s first album) are his (Gore wrote «Tora! Tora! Tora!» and «Big Muff»). When Clarke left, Gore filled the songwriting vacancy, becoming their primary composer. He sang on some of their tracks, but Gahan took lead on most of them.

Простой и быстрый метод трафаретной печати футболок

Gahan eventually grew frustrated singing Gore’s songs, and in 2003 released a solo album with his own compositions called Paper Monsters. On the next Depeche Mode album, Playing the Angel (2005), he wrote three songs.

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  • Isabelle from Oxford, Uk I often see the mistaken translation of Depeche Mode as «fast fashion». This is wrong! In French, «une dépeche» means «a dispatch», i.e. a piece of news, a report. The title of the French magazine that DM took their name from means «Fashion dispatch».
  • Tom from Marble Falls, Ar In Germany in the early 80s their name seemed to be pronounced «DEH-Peshe Mode,» with the accent on in the first part of the word. I used to watch a German program «Formel Eins» and that’s the way the host would pronounce it.
  • Danny from Sydney, Australia Their new album is like listening to paint dry.
  • Stephen from Lehi, Ut Amazing they have endured so many years. The best always last!
  • Richard from Rotherham, England Dave Gahan has developed a successful solo career over the last two or so years writing his own songs. A new album by Depeche due in the autumn of 2005 has songs written by Gahan has well has Gore as a result.
  • Rod from Davao City, Other the album ‘violator’includes the hits ‘personal jesus,’policy of truth,’and ‘enjoy the silence.’
  • Ben U. from San Jose, Ca Alan Wilder originally joined the band in 1981 as a replacement keyboardist for Vince Clarke. He remained a part-time member (he was only available for live performances and apperances, no studio work) until 1983, when he became a full-time member.
  • Scott Evans from Bradford, Finland Depeche Mode’s roots go back as far as 1976, with Fletcher and Clarke forming a band called ‘No Romance in China’. They originally had two guitars, but were dropped for synths

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Как нанести Изображение на Футболку / How to put the image on T-shirts

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Here’s How Depeche Mode Got Their Name

Some band name origins can be relatively easy to parse: take Fleetwood Mac (formed by Mick Fleetwood and John McVie) or Bon Jovi (named for, well, John Bongiovi). However, other musical artists tend to lean toward more etymologically ambiguous names, such as Aerosmith or Duran Duran. Depeche Mode is no exception to the second category: although its name derives from modern French, there has been an existing layer of controversy surrounding how the six-piece group got its name.

Formed in Basildon, Essex, in 1980 by founding members Vincent Clarke and Andy Fletcher (who at first aimed to start a Cure-influenced group), the groundbreaking techno-pop band quickly became one of the most powerful forces in the New Wave movement. Yet, the band didn’t take up its infamous name until after guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter Martin Gore joined in Spring 1980, as Rapid City Journal reports.

Before Gore joined what would become Depeche Mode, Gore was in a musical group called The French Look. It was the same trend of French-inspired namesakes that followed the budding band to success.

Простой и стильный рисунок на футболке через трафарет. Мастер-класс от Себильковой Ани

News flash!

Upon the introduction of Dave Gahan into the band, the musical outfit became fully-formed and began to play to small audiences at school in May 1980. It was Gahan’s idea to name the new lineup after a French magazine, Dépêche mode (which roughly translates to «Fashion News») drawing inspiration from its progressive sound with the influence of French fashion, according to Eight Eighty Nine. It was pure coincidence that Gahan picked up a copy of the magazine for reference for one of his own designs when the name clicked.

While the literal French-to-English translation «fashion news» or «fashion dispatch», the band thought up a slightly more nuanced meaning post-translation. «It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch. I like the sound of that,» Gore told one magazine in 1985, citing the «fast» nature of the band’s projects and sprawling interests.

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«The further we got into the pop world the more I changed. It was like a Before and After advert. Before, I was quiet, introverted, conscientious. I was a long-haired hippy like everyone else. Afterwards I realised I could do something other people might like.»